Freelance Choreographer
Melissa Lanham
(n). an enduring and consuming passion
Melissa Lanham: dance artist
Melissa Lanham
Melissa has had a long and diverse career in the dance industry spanning 23 years working both here in Australia and overseas.
I am available for
:    Choreographic contracts in contemporary dance professionally and in training.'
:    Project work and collaborations
:   Teaching and workshops across Australia and Overseas
:   For further information please contact me 
  1. Melissa has created some of the most beautiful, fluid and potent movement that this reviewer has seen in a long time. 5 stars !
    Tony Burch Adelaide Theatre Guide
  2. 'A thrilling masterful and thoroughly impressive work of contemporary dance.
    Clothes Line Digital Arts
  3. If you are a fan of Australian Contemporary dance, theatrical story telling and Vincent Van Gogh, then go see this visually captivating and expertly performed performance.
    Niki Dahlenburg Rip It up Magazine